Peter Broderick

Peter Broderick / These Walls of Mine

For people who aren’t familiar with his work, Peter [I feel like after listening to this album so many times it’s OK for me to call him Peter] at the tender age of 25 has already made a number of albums, both on his own and with other musicians such as Efterklang...

Peter Broderick / Music for Confluence

It's nice when your friends instictively know what music you'd like. This is one of those times and I'm feeling happy to listen. I've been dormant for a while, off the radar so to speak; but thankfully my reliable minions have been on the hunt for good new tu...

Peter Broderick / Reading, Reading arts centre

Peter Broderick performed at Reading arts centre with Johann G. Winther and local folk/minimalists The Pawnbroker. The latter were up first. Playing a sombre soundtrack to the eye-rolls and ‘tuts’ aimed our way. Perfectly just, considering we muscled straight t...

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