Alex Kozobolis

Website: Bandcamp
Writer: Honch

This week has been pretty shit if I’m honest, grim weather, skint and to top it off I’m currently nursing two cracked ribs. I can’t seem to get myself into a comfortable position that doesn’t either hurt my ribs or make me look like someone who is waiting to…you know… receive.  So despite all things big and small conspiring against me to make this a week from hell, there has been one saving grace, a beacon of light amongst the grey, that light being Alex Kozobolis.

This London based pianist creates some wonderfully dulcet melodies that wouldn’t seem out of place beside most of the Erased Tapes roster. His ability to create warmth in his temperate and ethereal music has undoubtedly scattered away any bad feelings I have been harboring this week. His EP For Snow’ has taken the forefront of my listening for the most part, with its raw recording in which the background noise holds as much significance as the main instrument. That ticking clock, I would love to know if that purely accidental, but the atmosphere within the recording room seems to be the perfect setting for the EP.

The track 'obscured' which is his latest release is the soundtrack to a very haunting short film, based on being lost between the light and darkness. Definitely something to check out if your feeling a little off kilter. 

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Posted: Sat 10 March 2012