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Writer: Allan Struthers

The ease of accessibility to music production software is somewhat of a double edged sword as far as i can see. On the one hand, it allows thousands people across the world to express themselves creatively at little to no cost other than just their time and hard work. On the other hand however, with a sudden influx of producers all jostling for limelight, it's inevitable that some will fall by the wayside, excellent producers with vision and talent that are by and large left to sink. Masterpieces go unheard and musicians go unrewarded, everyone loses. So with this in mind, it's my pleasure to introduce you to Preston based Edleigh, a producer who is, taken at face value like so many others out there, in possession of just a vision some sketchy recording gear and just a handful of soundcloud followers, the main exception is that this guy is seriously talented. 

Ed's compositions are unrelentingly laid back. Acoustic guitar infused rich textures glow amidst spacey atmospherics to create a sound that's altogether reminiscent of a brighter, perhaps more optimistic version of the music shlohmo makes. Of course it's this school of modern minimalist electronic producers like Four Tet and Mont Kimbie that have helped inspire Edleigh and he does well not to fall into the trap of simple reduplication of their works. The vocal cuts of Ed's latest output 'It's Just' bring to the track a pleasantly detailed tranquility, a vibe which is capitalised on further by warm, sepia toned guitar flourishes. Like many other producers Ed takes pride in the home recording of rhythmic elements found in his work, and sure, while no one's going to give him a prize for that alone, there's no denying that he's got a real gift for synthesizing the desired mood of a song through tactful percussion. 'Side Stick' demonstrates this very ability wonderfully, the reverby clicks and snaps pushing through the layers of organic sounding bass and a well judged bout of whistling that bring to mind pastoral scenes all so far away from the drear of post-autumnal North West England. 

Alone, 19 year old Edleigh stands out from the rest of an increasingly immeasurably bunch, and if he builds further on his capacity for putting together tracks that sound this professional, it shan't be long before he gets the recognition he fully deserves.

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Posted: Sun 4 December 2011