Negative Pegasus

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Label: Smalltown America
Writer: Darren Bibby

Three noise rock kids locked themselves in a room in Brighton and got wired into a pile of obscure 70's vinyl with nightmare-inducing cover art. Then they went 'Fuck it, we're hard psych.' And they are. You can do too, too, too. Why don't you just switch of your television set, go out and do something less boring instead?


'How it Happens' bubbles up from an analogue synth oscillation not unlike the killer Golden Retriever. When it cuts out, we get a heavy single note stomp that gets progressively more distorted before dissipating in a crystal clear call to action: 'Let's Get To Work!' . You are then allowed fall back into the oil lamp with some twisted garage proto-punk leads; this is a modern day Monks or a tribute to the doyens of the fictional Leamington Spa scene, like Liberace Helmet or The Wiener Coladas.


A staccato rhythm bangs away under waves of tremolo and odd vocal reverb on 'Ottoman Silver'. It's the perfect accompaniment to having a breakdown at Center Parcs. Once the guitar solo bursts into tears, you can throw off your clothes and go backwards down the rapids, leaving the kids stranded at the falconry centre. 'Floating Omen' is Negative Pegasusususus'us'es' 'Venice in Peril', apostrophed up to fuck. It swells with edgy rock drama, before 'A Single Fuck's midway point drifts into view, an island of mucky noise detritus.


'The Black Thigh' starts off like an Arctic Monkeys riff jam, which was an accident. It pulls itself together near the end to transform into something more like Stoner Rock before abruptly culling itself mid-flow. 'Psychic Energy' is a buzzsaw surf sister to Sonic Youth's 'The Wonder', peppered with joyous cries of “Shotgun! Shotgun! Shotgun!” and 'Visitation' crowns the whole thing with a shoutalong drone rock anthem that is nothing short of bloody fantastic.


Get hold of 'Looming' and prepare for half an hour of bold, messy, intense fun. Negative Pegasus will melt down all your shit records with lethal vibrations.



Negative Pegasus - Looming

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Posted: Sun 9 September 2012