White Swallow

Website: Bandcamp
Label: Brock n Broll Records
Writer: Darren Bibby

Not the 80's aftershave or the porn search criteria. White Swallow the rock duo deal in melodic stomp and barbarian amp destruction with more hooks than a velcro front door. The verses are tuneful and droll, the choruses stomp on the pedal and erupt. These things will never stop being fun.


Latest single 'Belong Song' sees them channeling their inner Glenn Danzig; Bobby Mambo's languid Lancastrian vowels steadily wind up to a shirt-ripping howl and a low string, high register guitar salvo. Meanwhile, Sam Swallows switches adroitly between metronomic thump and machine gun fills. It's backed with 'Roses' which is built upon a fuzzy blues riff you might associate with The Black Keys, given the 'Swallow Treatment courtesy of Mambo's just-pissed-enough delivery.


Also worth a blast from their bandcamp are the distortion white-out of 'Rain' and the raw Detroit iniquity of the 'Big X' demo. White Swallow saved my day.

white swallow - belong song

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Posted: Thu 16 February 2012