Alright the Captain


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Label: Field Records
Writer: Aidan Rivett

Alright the Captain are due to release their debut album 'SNIB' early next month and I'm glad to be able to offer you my incites on the first listen to this slab of genius, which is exactly what it is. The band tour the U.K. at the end of February but currently there's no date in Glasgow so I intend to write very nice things in order to entice a show up here in the cold Scottish air. Before I talk about the music itself, it's worth pointing out the brilliant album cover with it's wolves and skulls looking like a piece of complex graffiti. Bravo on that one boys. There is so much going on in this album that it's difficult to talk about absolutely everything without playing down how brilliantly conceived and pieced together it all is. SNIB draws a lot of comparisons to bands spanning a wide range of genres but as a body of work it's completely original, and quite honestly you've never heard anything like it. 

The album features heavily a lot of time signature changes that keep it interesting and it demonstrates an incredible technical ability from each musician. Take track number two, 'Neo Tokyo' which opens with a weaving guitar sound which is then joined by an equally impressive bass line, it draws a lot of comparison to Battles (see also track 6, Pay Off if you're a fan of that band) but not for long, as the track decides to get heavy and punches you in the face with it's heavy outro that reminds me of math rock maniacs Sikth. This carries through onto the next track 'Mega Mega Drive' which is a perfect example of the band's ability to fit melodic passages between stabs of Metal and distortion. Speaking of Metal, check out penultimate track which opens with someone yelling "HONEY BADGER HONEY BADGER!" incidentally the title of the song. It's absolutely manic. 
The brilliant 'Soundtrack to your Death' is very much a post-rock track which will be familiar to fans of Mogwai. But it still manages to display frantic guitar work and quite frankly, stunning drum work. 'Guilt' the fourth track on the album is the stand out for me, which calls to mind one of my favourite albums 'Spiderland' by Slint, (without the stream of consciousness babbling poetry) it's quiet sound builds a fantastic atmosphere before giving way to the inevitable heavy climax. To talk about one highlight is a disservice to the album as it's full of them. From track one to ten, SNIB is a display of technical proficiency, electronic manipulation, full on noise and precise percussion. 
It really has to be heard and with every listen you find something else to appreciate. As said before with so many influences of great bands the album will strike a chord with a lot of different fans of different music, and that really isn't a bad thing. Music snobs get off your high horse and add some chaos to your music catalogue, let 'Alright the Captain' show you what they can do.

Alright the Captain - Honey Badger

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Posted: Thu 13 January 2011