La Petite Mort

Website: Bandcamp
Label: Field Records
Writer: Rob Batchelor

Synthy post-rock might be the worst of all genres, but occasionally a gem manages to somehow reveal itself. Idiot Pilot are one such band, and Atlantis are a great example of another, managing to cover a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time.


They find their groove early on with the opener and stand-out track, 'Les Petite Morts', which turns itself slowly from a dreamy noise-scape into glitchy, big-beat black metal that seeks to deconstruct everything about those disparate genres and mix them back together to create some new form that is controlled, concise, and enervating to listen to. The build-up continues with 'Everest', a discordant mash that falls apart beautifully, allowing the song some breathing room before its crushing final few minutes.

'Breathe Slowly' is arguably the weakest offering here; while the title is good medical advice, its ambient-industrial-with-indie-guitars noise ultimately add up to nothing of import. The song feels like filler, and could have been excised pretty easily. Closer 'Esther' threatens to go the same way but with added noise and an insistent stabbing guitar running through the mix it becomes something more interesting, not unlike a less muscular Boris. The final addition of some great hardcore vocals reveal what was missing throughout, leaving the listener feeling a little bit cheated, and less orgasmic than the title promised.  



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Posted: Sat 5 May 2012