Buenos Aires

Record Breaker

Website: Bandcamp
Label: Robot Needs Home
Writer: Honch

I’ve been aware of Buenos Aires for a while now; they sent me some of their earlier stuff just as I was starting to be bombarded by the entourage of PR zombies trying to get me to feature some indie guff on my shiny new website. Unfortunately, you can’t write about everything you get sent in or else you would end up being ‘one of those blogs,’ and well, I don’t have the time or enthusiasm to do so. Move forward twelve months and these chaps have moved on considerably. Firstly, they have been signed to Robot Needs Home. For those who don’t know, that’s the record label run by them Maybeshewill boys. Off to a good start. Secondly, they have released a cracking single called Record Breaker.


Interesting, let’s continue. To top off this epic Usain Bolt-style sprint into the underworld of the UK post-hardcore scene they only bloody went and got Jamie Ward (Dark Dark Horse) to produce and master the thing. You may hate me but I’m gonna say it anyway because it deserves it #Winning, yes that’s a hashtag Winning. I know it was released in May and I’m about as on point as the back end of a drawing pin at the minute but this is actually really good, and I felt obliged to tell you about it.


It bursts through the starting gates with a wonderful melodic intro vocal with those strong Leicester accent harmonies, and then it kicks you teeth in with a huge blast of grunting guitars and awesome sounding drums. Half way through the first track of this double A-side, just after you have been lulled into thinking this is merely an average vocal-laden post-rock track, in comes the scintillating roar to knock you off kilter. Ooosh.


'Opportunityisnowhere' is the second track and this doesn’t disappoint, if it does you’re a cunt. It’s of a very similar ilk to the likes of These Monsters or &U&I ,with the harmonious accent of a Weezer track. Definitely more class than draff. I say get involved with this little number and grind your little jaws with excitement like you just double dropped a few £10 bangers.



Buenos Aires - Record Breaker (Official Video)

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Posted: Tue 3 July 2012