Dog is Dead


Website: Myspace
Label: Your Childhood Records
Writer: Lizzie B

Just one more sign that I am now officially old.  I looked at this band, and the only thing I could think was just Look At Those Fucking Hipsters.  [Pardon the swear – it’s a real website I promise...]  Yes, you are indeed Young.  And in 5 years time [glib Noah & The Whale reference intended] I guarantee you will look back at yourselves circa 2010 and cringe.  Hopefully by then, your obvious musical talent will have manifested itself into something that doesn’t offend my old and grumpy ears quite so much.  I can’t really say there is anything musically wrong about what these young boys are doing.  It would be misleading to say its rubbish, because it isn’t.  It is musically very accomplished.  The first 17 seconds of Young is fabulous, and I would love to hear that looped into some kind of a really dirty glitch remix.  On first listen, the rest of the track chirpily pushed all my grumpy buttons.  By the fifth or sixth listen I have to admit it had quite grown on me, which I suppose is a good sign, but I like to go with gut reactions.  I felt it borrowed quite heavily melodically and harmony-wise from Mumford & Sons, but without the cares of the world or the heavy darkness of a damaged soul weighing on their young shoulders.   It just feels to me like these kids are trying a bit too hard.  This is probably because I am old.  And grumpy.   If I’m going to listen to hyper self-consciously cool scuffers being quirky I’d much rather have Vampire Weekend, thanks.

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Posted: Fri 19 November 2010