John Frusciante


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Label: Record Collection Music
Writer: Eóin Boylan

It’s been almost three years since John Frusciante escaped the beige-coloured world of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. One can only assume he was fed up with the linear, monotonous tripe they began writing and releasing (just like the rest of the music-loving population). Since leaving he has produced the excellent The Empyrean as well as albums for countless other artists (including a split with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez), staying creative and experimental throughout. Thank God (whichever one you want) for that.


With his latest effort, Letur-Lefr, Frusciante has embraced electro-pop. I know that statement might seem mental, but bear with me. He actually does it surprisingly well! Instead of the reverby, space-dwelling guitar tones and soundscapes present in in previous albums, we are treated to bizarre, off time synthesizer loveliness. Everything is very psychedelic, very dreamy, as you might expect from listening to the (normally) axe-man’s previous releases, yet instead of a rock vibe, we are treated to processed drums and even some hip hop grooves.


It’s seriously uplifting, like walking on clouds in parts, and yet at others there’s a decidedly hip-hop feel, with third track Glowe showcasing some seriously old school samples grooving their way over some translucent vocal melody. The next track FM is a rap track, which may sound mental and a little ill-advised in a Timbaland/Cornell way, but thankfully manages to be nothing of the sort.


He keeps it credible and interesting here, as you would expect from such a continually intriguing artist. A seriously impressive change of direction, I can’t wait to hear the forthcoming full-length!

In My Light - John Frusciante - Letur Lefr - EP Track 5

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Posted: Sun 23 September 2012