Memory Hole EP

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Label: Asiluum Records
Writer: Rob Wallace

Romania’s Mediocracy follow up the impressive ‘Asoma’ with this 3 track EP, released on the Asiluum label.


Infested with intense d-beat hostility, Mediocracy viciously open proceedings with ‘Your Reflection’ Thunderous drums and a bellicose vocal delivery, akin to hardcore heavyweights such as Integrity or Starkweather, drive the song forward at blistering pace.


Despite its promising start, ‘Well Begun Is Half Done’ would have been a more apt title for the first track, with the bruising hardcore quelled by underlying and ill-advised melodic metal leads. It may be part of their individual sound, but this polish could be cut out completely and the track would be more powerful.


Arrows’ sees Mediocracy tone down the widdly tomfoolery, bursting out of the starting gate like a disenfranchised racehorse. The corrosive Jeff Hanneman-style outro provides a turbo-charged injection of a more fitting metal ilk. It's the stirring highlight of the EP, hands-down.


There are some really exciting elements to each song here, with final track ‘Silent Cries’ trying its hardest to smother the wailing leads beneath stabs of punk fury. It feels like this track especially is walking the tightrope of taste and decency. These spoonfuls of sugar are not really necessary to force Mediocracy's unholy crust medicine down your throat; the raw ingredients are fine as they are.


Mediocracy-Your Reflection (Official video 2012)

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Posted: Thu 12 April 2012