Sleep Party People

We Were Drifting on a Sad Song

Website: Soundcloud
Label: Blood And Biscuits
Writer: Aidan Rivett

A gentle piano melody drifts into life, an eerie melancholy singing voice joins in, strings enter to accompany the keys. They toy with each other before the strings and plucked chords take over and that peculiar vocal can be heard again. As it moves along you begin to wonder if you’re falling asleep. Suddenly, you become aware of low fuzz getting louder and the song bursts back into life with crashing cymbals and orchestral sweeps. The sounds force their way into your ears for an all-too-brief minute, before dying down to let the original piano and strings clean up the aftermath.


The five-piece from mainland Europe who hide behind rabbit masks on stage and marked their presence with the above song, 'A Dark God Heart', are gearing up to release this, their second full-length album. What better way to announce it than with a song that is equal parts endearing and unusual?


And if that’s not intriguing enough, what follows are a couple of retro synth-laden pop tracks in 'Chin' and 'We Were Drifting on a Sad Song', that are filled with happy dance energy; it seems a world away from the gothic, Sigur Rós-style arrangements that opened the album. There’s further variation as the record moves along, with the minimal 'Melancholic Fog' driven by piano, and an almost R’n’B track with effect-distorted drums, but it’s all tied together by the Danes' odd use of vocal effects. An apt way to describe it might be if Muse’s Matt Bellamy and M83’s Anthony Gonzales had built a robot together and taught it to sing.


By track 6 you begin to wonder if 'A Dark God Heart’s Avant-Garde was all Sleep Party People had to offer in the way of a quiet to loud Post-Rock edge; final track 'The City Light Died' puts those thoughts to rest in its closing moments with echoed synth chimes slowly building and building to release a joyous climax of strings.


So what did you just listen to? A synth-pop sandwich with hints of Post-Rock as the bread? No, that doesn’t quite do it justice. 'We Were Drifing on a Sad Song' is full of variety and originality that has you nodding your head one minute, then floating away the next. While nothing on the record seems quite as gloomy or exciting as that fantastic opener, there’s still some brilliant music on offer and it’s an album that’s a pleasure to get through multiple times.  

Sleep Party People - A Dark God Heart

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Posted: Thu 29 March 2012