Every Little Smile - Thai Flood Relief Compilation

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Label: Realising Media
Writer: Mike Kaps

As soon as this one was announced I was stoked. The Compilation album 'Every Little Smile' is a project started by Hayato Imanishi of Cyclamen and Withyouathome, currently living in Bangkok, to raise money for the cause of helping victims of the Thailand flood. The line-up, consisting mainly of Thai bands, was really interesting to me so I went and gave it a listen.


The compilation starts off with 'Felicity Is Out There' by the Thai band Inspirative. Starting out slow with a simple, yet neat guitar part, the song builds up until it goes into overdrive with the guitars fully kicking in and then calming down before 'Constellation' by Ancients comes in (Not the metal band, as I found out while listening to this and then researching). The song builds up a lot like 'Felicity Is Out There', the only major differences being the beginning of the 'heavier' part and the choir-like vocals, which really add a lot to the song's feel. Desktop Error's 'Mind', the longest track on the album with another simple guitar line on a simple drum track, doesn't change anything all too much with the guitar gaining on distortion that drops torwards the end of the song.


Then the change comes around. 'Hope' by Cyclamen is the first song without a climax, the first song to have vocals, and is quite different from songs put together the same way, with 'Apollo' by Slow Reverse following this idea by not peaking in a big emotional guitar-outburst and staying a mellow dream-pop song without big changes. Nyctalgia's 'Lost In Timeless Horizons' starts off with a piano and intensifies by gradually adding more instruments before breaking out into an emotional guitar overdrive fest.


'You Are Never Alone' by Withyouathome is the track that really stands out to me. Roughly following the same idea as most of the other songs (Post-rock songs seem to do that), it changes in its sound so abruptly at one point that it shakes the whole feeling of the song, and then ends out on something that feels just as unfulfilled, but still as amazing as the ending to a Scorsese movie. It all ends on 'Waiting For The Daylight' by Yellow, which ends up sounding like a slower, more laid-back Arcade Fire song, which is a good thing.


Even though many of the songs on this compilation follow a fairly similar build-up dynamic, it is very listenable and the tracks sit neatly together. On top of that, you'll also be doing something good for others by shelling out a few quid. It will be available through Cyclamen's Bandcamp page on 7 December.

Cyclamen - Hope

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Posted: Wed 9 November 2011