Vigo Thieves

Heart & Soul (Part 1)

Website: Official Site
Label: Hijacked
Writer: Lizzie B

I am a master of getting into awkward situations, and then instead of gracefully extricating myself, making it actively worse by well and truly painting myself into that corner. The moral is probably that you should always be true to yourself from the outset, and then that way at least people know what to expect. In a roundabout way, what I am actually trying to say here, is that I have found myself in the position of really wanting to give a good review to an EP that I don’t think is actually as good as it ought to be. I was enthused about Vigo Thieves when they were featured as Band Of The Week some time ago, and as a result of that, I feel like I need to continue to be nothing but favourable towards them.


Unfortunately, I don’t feel like I can do that with any degree of integrity. There is something not quite clicking with this EP for me, although I can definitely see this band becoming a staple of the festival circuit this summer. The Killers-esque dance-floor filler Heartbeats may even capture the spirit of the summer for the younger generation and find some chart success. The band cites influences from the 80s including New Order, U2 and Simple Minds, and these values do show throughout the production. But herein is part of the problem - I’ve lost track of how many things I’ve heard recently that have made me say “It sounds like the 80s but with better production.”


However, this is only Part 1 of the EP, and I am willing to keep hoping that the sparkle will return with the second instalment.

Vigo Thieves - Heartbeats

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Posted: Tue 6 March 2012