Night Noise Team

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Label: Permwhale Records
Writer: Darren Bibby

Tasty pop from Leith via France and Ireland. This is nice, makes me want to  join in the kids' footy game in the school yard.  I take everyone on and smash the ball past the hapless bespectacled urchin in goal. I celebrate by pulling my t-shirt over my head and running around aimlessly, bitch tits alfresco.  I then take a look up at the teacher staring aghast out the window.  Eventually, she raises a smile and gives me the thumbs up. Simpler times.  Would have made for a better video, but hey ho, this here thing that resembles one of my 1993 college projects gets a bit cooler as it goes along.


In working out their cocktail recipe, I tasted some fresh Orange Juice, a teaspoon of Technique-era New Order, and a pungent sprinkling of ABC.  And six of David Byrne's pubes.  Mix well, and enjoy.  The 'Pieces' EP is out on 11 June.

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Posted: Wed 9 May 2012