Alpha Male Tea Party

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Writer: Darkwülf

I like Alpha Male Tea Party a wee bit. But you are probably like I was before I actually listened to their record. You’re thinking, 'man that is a shit name for a band'. You are, right now after reading the name, imagining a huge orgy of men all going at it hammer and tongs, powering into each other in a sea of bum gravy while tea is being passed about as refreshment; that is exactly what you are thinking about.


AMTP may suffer from so many shit bands hogging all the cool names, but they certainly aren’t making shit music. Their shit is legit and tight. You know when bands don’t have a dickhead singing for them? AMTP are just that. No worries on having to listen to a guy sing about his dad borrowing his car or his girlfriend wanting to try new things. No way, not on AMTP's watch. The band mostly do that instrumental thing, 90 percent of the album is just them making a racket. Yeah, I’m sorry I lied, there is singing. But it’s more like when you hear drunks walking past your house singing. You cannot make out what they are singing and it usually sounds like they are having fun.


Ten tracks make up this throbbing hunk of fleshy pink album man meat. With tracks like 'Jason fucked the Argonauts' and 'My ship is ship shaped' you’re never let down for great shagging music. As this is the band's debut you can’t help but feel like that Tom Peters -gtr, Dan Ledbetter -bass & Greg Chapman –drums have accomplished their mission in making a no-nonsense, not-taking-itself-too-serious fuzzy free flowing pinky ponky blinky blonk album, or “math rock” for hipsters. Any money when you listen to this you won’t know whether you want to dance or masturbate, trust me.


This record is worth checking out. At times I felt like I was listening to my beloved Mclusky or your American thematic rockers Pelican. But I wasn’t, I was listening to Liverpool's Alpha Male Tea Party sound tracking a gay orgy fuelled by PG Tips.  


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Posted: Thu 19 April 2012