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And The Giraffe

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Writer: Lizzie B

It was the name that first made me hit play on And The Giraffe. I had a hunch somehow that they weren’t going to be sludge metal. They actually describe themselves as “ambient dream folk”, and it is very pleasant. On the first couple of listens I had this niggling feeling that it reminded me of something, but I couldn’t at first put my finger on what. Eventually it came to me – the singer’s voice: at times the music is incredibly reminiscent of The Low Anthem. While looking at their website I noticed they had a Pinterest account, complete with a board full of giraffes! So that really sealed the deal for me, and I decided to pen this review.


The opening track ‘Underground Love’ is the obvious stand-out song on the EP. Lovely guitar sounds, from the almost chugging acoustic in the background to the reverb heavy melody. Not every note played is immaculate, and from time to time throughout the EP you can hear a mumbled word or two, as if the microphone had picked up something said in the room while they were recording. These production values don’t bother me; in fact I think they add to the charm. This is very much a home recording, but done so well that anyone who has ever tried to record themselves should be able to appreciate that it’s not easy to sound this good.


By track three however, it does all start to sound a bit samey, and for me it does tail off a bit from that point. Some of the songs sound kind of like sketches or ideas rather than completely finished items, but that being said none of them are bad. For a first EP from an unsigned band it seems to be gathering a bit of attention, and it will be interesting to see how they develop. The professional looking video produced for ‘Underground Love’ has received over 16,500 views in just two months, which can’t be a bad sign.

And the Giraffe - Underground Love (Official Music Video)

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Posted: Wed 21 March 2012