Mental Architects

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Writer: Gavin Holgate

Usually first impressions mean a hell of a lot to people, the same can be said about music, I mean its a definite given that people on average tend to listen to one song by a band and judge their entire work to be of a similar nature, so, that being said the first song is always crucial. Luckily this band struck a chord with me, musical pun intended. Mental Architects are a trio of lads from Bulgaria, now I’m not very knowledgeable about the local scene in eastern European countries. However, if I can go by this EP then its a bad-ass scene, I mean this band seem to represent how fanatic and creative our eastern kin really are.

Their latest EP, officially released on the 28th May, is derived from Math/Post -rock roots and this shows throughout the EP. The 4 track strong release starts with a really awesome intro 8 minutes long, sounding something like if ASIWYFA and Lite had a child and fostered it in a bar, its just that awesome. This EP is all about really heavy riffs, delicate and intricate bass work and drums which light the entire mixture up. Not that all songs are completely heavy though 'Ash on your tongue' features a really sweet mid-song break down that leaves the listener cooing for more.

The songs to listen out more for is Go, a really sick song (in a good way) which has some really awesome bass riffs and a really cool electronic build which, sounds oddly a lot like ASIWYFA's 'Clench Fists, Grit Teeth...GO!’ And not to forget of course 'Ash on your tongue'

This is an intense piece of work and fans of Math/Post set-ups will love this band from the first minute onwards, more aimed at fans of Lite, ASIWYFA and maybe to a lesser extent Dakota/t Dakota/Dakota.

Mental Architects - Go! (official video)

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Posted: Thu 2 June 2011