Alan Sanderson

Alan Sanderson
Location: Cambridge
Beard: No
Tattoos: No
Favourite Tipple: Guinness with a Jager-bomb chaser
1st Music Purchase: KLF - The White Room
Best Famous Beard: Charles Darwin
Guilty Pleasure: the Pet Shop Boys version of 'You were always on my mind' which is better than the Elvis Presley one
Stubble | No Ceremony

I first got wind of No Ceremony via Amazing Radio. I remember it specifically because I had to watch patiently as the shitty little screen on my DAB radio spelt out the title; H U R T L O V E. The emotive piano chords and distinctive vocals had me intrigued.   The lates...

Gigs | Band of Horses / Leeds, O2 Academy

Steven Morrissey once announced that Leeds is wonderful place. The quip was aimed at a bemused Glastonbury crowd and left me worrying that he might have finally come unhinged. With hindsight I know he was right. Last week Leeds was my host for 3 days. I could have watched...

Gigs | Tall Ships / Cambridge, Portland Arms

This is Beard Rock’s field team corresponding from Cambridge, England. To be specific, we were at The Portland Arms tuned in to two exciting young bands; Tall Ships and Tangled Hair. The Portland is a cosy pub with an open fire and real ale, not to mention the soundp...

Gigs | Peter Broderick / Reading, Reading arts centre

Peter Broderick performed at Reading arts centre with Johann G. Winther and local folk/minimalists The Pawnbroker. The latter were up first. Playing a sombre soundtrack to the eye-rolls and ‘tuts’ aimed our way. Perfectly just, considering we muscled straight t...

Albums | Year of no Light / Ausserwelt

Year of no light are a post-metal band hailing from Bordeaux, France. Their debut album ‘Nord’ attracted a swarm of attention and easily held up against the other post/avant metal giants at the time of its release in 2006. One online metal reviewer commented on...

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