Callum A Macleod

Callum A Macleod
Location: Glasgow/Stornoway
Beard: I Wish
Tattoos: No
Favourite Tipple: Guinness
1st Music Purchase: Cliff Richard - The Millenium Prayer
Best Famous Beard: Jesus
Guilty Pleasure: Van Halen
EP | This Patch of Sky / Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine

This Patch of Sky know what is expected of them as a post rock band. The too quiet/too loud dynamic, the subtle, well thought out arrangements, the pseudo-spiritual grandiosity: it’s all here. Frequently conspicuous by its absence however, is imagination.   On...

Albums | Oneohtrix Point Never / Replica

We’ve all heard the expression “that sinking feeling”. The feeling of a creeping dread tarring up the depths of your gut, slowly making its way northwards to your heart and brain and leaving your whole being infected with a deep, deep gloom. But what if tha...

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